Jordan Mizrachi

Rob was a true genuine professional individual who knew a lot about the engineering and environmental aspect of the home he inspected for me. His partner assisted him with all gathered reports. He took his time explaining everything to me form plumbing and electrical, from foundation to roof top, and much much more. If you want an inspection done RIGHT please look no further. I HIGHLY recommend him to all my friends and family and will use him again if need be.

Kathy McManus

As a Realtor, I am always happy to recommend Higher Elevation to my buyers for their home inspections. Rob doesn’t pull any punches; he is extremely efficient and will tell it like it is. A huge plus: he climbs up on the roof, which is so important. Many other inspectors refuse to do that these days. Very happy to recommend Higher Elevation anytime.

Jennifer Strandberg

Rob was extremely thorough and professional. He walked us through every aspect of the house and was sure to answer all of our questions. He completed the report very quickly and was available afterwards to discuss anything we were wondering about. Highly recommend!

Maria DiCroce

If you are looking for a thorough, professional inspection, look no further.
Rob gave us a wonderful experience with something that was not easy for us. We were the sellers of the home Rob was inspecting. He was truthful and non biased. If we were the buyers, we would also feel that we were in good hands with his honest inspection.
If you are a buyer or a seller - you have the right man for the job.
He spent some time with us and we know we always have his friendship.

Marie Guillaume

Rob and Charly are a great team. They are really professional, knowledgeable. They took their time to find every single thing that could be an issue for my safety and everything that could damage the property. I will definitely recommend hHgher Elevation LLC to anybody for a home inspection.

Brenden Bishop

Received a home inspection done by Rob and Ed. Both were thorough, helpful, and professional. Got some great insight, advice, and a top notch inspection. Highly recommend, smooth and pleasant experience

Vincent Lombardo

I can not get over how cool Rob was. Higher Elevation is absolutely terrific. It was like taking a home inspection class. Rob was so detailed with everything and it made things easier on my wife and I to fully understand his report. Watching Rob climb up on the roof and really digging into it we found a some chimney damage. All around great guy and he comes very recommended.

Jaxston Tyler

Yesterday Rob inspected a home for us and yes on a SUNDAY!!!!!. He was pleasant to deal with and really knew what he was talking about. Higher Elevation was recommended to us by a friend and we definitely will recommend them in the future.

Tanisha Thomas

Rob is excellent. He was walking on the roof and he came across some damage. He took the time to explain to us that the people who lived there decided to cover up some of the damage. Rob is the guy to go.

Jack Cameron

I highly recommend using Rob. His home inspections are extremely thorough, crawling in crawl spaces, going in attics and walking on roofs. He finds the problems or possible future problems which may arise. One thing I absolutely loved was how Rob walked us through the house to explain and show us these problems. Rob is very dedicated to his work and extremely knowledgeable.

Marie Tina

Thank you Thank you Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Having rob as an inspector saved our day. He found corroded electrical wires down in the basement hidden behind some oddly placed panels.

Carolina Schwarts

Rob is the best. He is super friendly and the fact that he walks on the roof is such a relief. I am glad I went with him and was referred from a friend.