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Prepare Your Pipes For Winter

  1. Before the winter and cold weather sets in there are preventive measures you should take.

* Check irrigation and sprinkler system : Make sure you turn off water supply and fully drain system. This procedure is usually best done by a irrigation company.

* Locate Pipes that might freeze: Locate pipes in areas that might be prone to freezing, such as crawl spaces, unheated rooms, basements, garages and external walls. Eliminate sources of cold air near water lines by closing off crawl spaces, fixing drafty windows, insulation walls and attic and seal drafts around doors.

* Know and Identify Water Main SHUTOFF : Locate and tag water main shut off valve for entire house. Finding the main valve so you can quickly turn off in case of an emergency. Pipes exposed to cold should be wrapped with insulation or heat tapes.

2. When Temperatures Stay Below Freezing

* Helping pipes when temperatures stay below freezing : If pipes run through cabinets or bathroom vanities especially on exterior walls, open the doors to let warmer room air flow through concealed areas.

* Keep Water Moving : Keep water moving through the pipes by allowing a small trickle of water to run. The cost of the extra water is typically inexpensive than repairing a broken pipe and clean up.

3. What To Do If Pipes Freeze

* Shut Off Water Immediately : Close off water main before thawing frozen pipes. Look for other pipes that may have frozen as well.

* Proper Way To Thaw Pipes : Use warm air to thaw frozen pipes. Do not leave any heaters unattended and avoid the use of open flames and kerosene heaters.

* Turning Water Back On : When pipes are defrosted, turn water back on "Slowly" and check pipes for the possibility of leaks that might have occured due to freezing.

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