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Most homeowners know how pivotal curb appeal is for your home value, and there’s no doubt that a great exterior can set the tone and create a welcoming impression for any visitors. Unfortunately, when it comes to curb appeal, a few small mistakes can greatly impact your home’s overall look. 

Overgrown Landscaping While this may be the most obvious curb appeal killer, it happens all too easily. A beautifully landscaped yard can become unkempt with just a little lack of maintenance, but thankfully it is a problem that isn’t difficult to overcome. Remember that mowing the lawn is just the start. Take time to regularly mow the lawn, prune trees and shrubbery, and remove encroaching weeds.

Deferred Exterior Maintenance While an overgrown lawn doesn’t look visually appealing or welcoming, it isn’t necessarily cause for alarm to potential guests or buyers. Deferred maintenance, however, can signal neglect to potential buyers or visitors and can have a direct impact on your home. Peeling paint, cracked sidewalks or missing roof shingles means your home doesn’t look its best, and deferred exterior maintenance can allow weather damage to the interior, causing expensive or unsafe issues to occur if not addressed.

Dirty or Mossy Surfaces Grimy siding, dirty windows and mossy driveways can detract from your home’s appearance. Stormy weather and blustery days can send dirt, mud and grime along your home’s walls. Overgrowth in the form of weeds or moss can take route in cracks and grooves in pavement. An afternoon dedicated to power washing can restore your surfaces and help them look brand new. Focus some time on power wash any concrete areas connected to your property and use a lower setting to ensure your home’s clean exterior walls.

Monotonous Color and Textures Most curb appeal is created through maintenance, but the final touches are key. A variety of colors and textures in the yard can ensure the landscaping is appealing. While a cohesive look is good, some homeowners make the mistake of choosing monotonous colors and textures. For true visual appeal, opt for numerous colorful flowers and plants. Consider varied landscaping materials to add additional eye-catching elements.

Visible Trash Cans or Tools While your maintenance tools and trash can or green waste bins are essential to keeping your yard looking its best, storing these items in plain sight can quickly diminish the atmosphere of the exterior. Conceal these eyesores with strategic landscaping, fencing, or designated storage areas.

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