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Benefits of a Home Inspector

Today we are going to blog about something a little different. We here at Higher Elevation Home Inspections LLC want to discuss with you the home buyer what it is like to be a home inspector. Home inspectors are more than someone that has some construction knowledge or experience. We look at it as, home inspections is a business and to be successful, it must be operated as such. A home inspector must have specific skills and be willing to plan..

Whether you have never been to a home inspection for yourself or are a seasoned veteran, a business plan is critical for success. As a home inspector you should have knowledge of construction, as well as new and old codes and how to blend them together. A home inspector is a problem solver and will need to understand the subtle signs of component failures and have the ability to direct the client to the solutions. Inspectors must be expert communicators. The presentation is important both verbally and in writing.

Good Home Inspectors have a number of traits in common that allow them to succeed in this industry. While there are different nuances to success in a home inspection career, there are a few main truths that are undeniable and are consistent for most business ventures. Be knowledgeable, have attention to detail, be willing to continually learn, and finally have great customer service.

A typical home inspector spends his or her day in a wide-range of activities like inspecting homes for buyers, writing reports, speaking with prospective clients, and marketing to consumers and real estate agents. You should expect long days, long drives, physical demands, and that you will make mistakes. So many have a fear of making mistakes; you will and every inspector has. Because you may overlook something, a good business will carry the proper insurance, have a written contract, and adopt a Standard of Practice. These tools, as well as doing a good job, will control the home inspector’s liability.

Benefits of Being a Home Inspector:

  • Setting your own hours

  • Working outside

  • Using your skills and experience to help people

  • Less physically strenuous than many other professions in the construction industry

Challenges of Being a Home Inspector:

  • Clients and realtors are typically in a hurry-appointments are often needed on short notice, within 2 to 3 days typically, and then the report is needed within 24 hours of the inspection

  • Clients are often nervous and looking to you to provide clarity and understanding at a time when they may have doubts

  • Understanding all the subsystems of a home can be daunting

We hope this blog inspires others to become a home inspector or influence others. Now that you know the benefits, challenges, and what you need to succeed as a home inspector. This is Higher Elevation Home Inspections LLC signing off on another topic.

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